I have only recently discovered the work of Nicolas de Staël. Im my opinion his work has an intensity and originality that is very inspiring. Its a shame that his work is not more widely known or apreciated.

Mitchell-Innes & Nash exhibition of Nicolas de Staël.

Biarritz Map

I have just added a new map of Biarritz in France to my store. I visited this beautiful resort on the south east coast of France when I was younger. Biarritz was once known for its Royal visitors  but today its  visitors are mostly surfers keen to enjoy the surf on its many beaches.

New wallet

New slim wallet.

With the trend for slim wallets, I decided take the plunge and invest in a new slim wallet. My philosophy is that our lives should not be weighed down with excess baggage and your wallet is one of the first places to declutter. Wallets should contain cash and some cards, anything else in my view is just excess. 

wallet 1
wallet closed

I purchased my slim wallet from